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annalenaschiller (Wikimedia Commons), CC BY-SA 4.0

Prospects for 2018


Everyone can join in with Wikipedia and its sister projects, but many Wikipedia readers are unaware of this. In 2018 we aim to get more people excited about actively contributing to the world of Free Knowledge. At the same time we want to provide new members with useful resources such as introductory and explanatory videos that will help them get going with Wikipedia. We want to continue supporting already active volunteers in their efforts for Free Knowledge.

Software Development

In 2018 we will continue to work with volunteers and the Wikimedia Foundation to improve the software that runs all Wikimedia projects. We will continue working to improve the quality of the data in Wikidata and ensure that the Free Knowledge database is made even more usable for other Wikimedia projects as well as external projects.

Conditions for Free Knowledge

In 2018 we will continue working to strengthen the conditions for Free Knowledge. We will explain the benefits of Free Knowledge in the fields of education, science and culture and actively support relevant institutions in making their own contributions to Wikimedia projects as a role model for others. Our aims in the political area include ensuring that publicly financed knowledge, such as studies carried out by the state and copyright-free information from official documents, is freely available to all and can be used in Wikipedia.

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